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after a long break

2009-12-06 03:08:07 by FrauPusie

So i've colored my first furry, check it out: upusie/mans-best-friend-colored

Furries anyone?

2009-09-20 02:59:14 by FrauPusie

So Ive been gone for awhile and Its not that I added any new pictures I just thought it would be nice to remind any furry fans out there that Ive got some stuff up for you guys! check em out and rate/comment if you'd liked! Thanks! :)

Cause I feel like it.

2009-08-24 02:01:56 by FrauPusie

I'm posting something cause I haven't been doing anything but playing toss the turtle lately :D

Deleted? Unscouted?

2009-08-15 22:01:09 by FrauPusie

Well I come back from vacation and all my art work was deleted and I was no longer scouted. Lucky they have an easy "undelete" option to bring back all my work but they don't have their ratings or comments and I'm still unscouted. It's not a big deal to me but kinda weird, anyone willing to rescout me that would be great! :)

Furries? Why yes, yes they are.

2009-08-01 19:14:55 by FrauPusie

I just added another two pictures for those who liked the other ones. I've been busy like I've said before but I'll try and keep up and add more. Also, any ideas for future furry art would be awesome, I love doing my own stuff but I also love doing work for others! You don't have to be specific any idea would be nice, maybe i can kill two requests with one stone if they work together. Thanks!

4 Pictures...

2009-07-08 00:47:12 by FrauPusie

...and more to come! Hopefully... I'm not too good with promises. :(

Allo People!

2009-07-05 04:12:29 by FrauPusie

I only just joined but I plan on adding more art work as I go! Weee! :D