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Furries? Why yes, yes they are.

2009-08-01 19:14:55 by FrauPusie

I just added another two pictures for those who liked the other ones. I've been busy like I've said before but I'll try and keep up and add more. Also, any ideas for future furry art would be awesome, I love doing my own stuff but I also love doing work for others! You don't have to be specific any idea would be nice, maybe i can kill two requests with one stone if they work together. Thanks!


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2009-08-02 13:30:59

hey! nice art you really draw excellent im not a good drawer or something but i can see how much effort you put on these things and i can tell you, you are really good, anyway i would love to draw like these so if you could give me any advice for draw it would be grat, personally i would like to see more color in your pictures but they still are excellent
grat work ;)

FrauPusie responds:

Thanks you very much :)